Party and friends

I went to a party last Saturday and had a blast. Some of my college friends were there. I really missed those guys, it makes me actually want to go back for two more years just to hang with them. Hopefully we’ll be able to stick together, as some of them have plans of making their own production company. They’ll probably want me on board as an editor, which makes two production companies I’ll be involved with, along with being one of the founders of GWP.

We also joked that the ones still in college planned to stuff me in a suitcase and bring me back. They would then lock me in the edit bay and feed me crackers while I edited everything.

All joking aside I really hope to stay connected with this lot, mainly because their such great friends. The party could sadly be the last time we’re all together like that since the older ones have graduated and will be going their seperate ways soon.

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