Well, today is the first break I’ve had in a while. There have been numerous things going on since my last post, all of which made me really busy for a week.

First off I landed a part time job a KMart. I still need to go in for orentiation, but everything else has been taken care of. I should be making some cash as well as paying some of my bills and my student loans. It’ll also get me out of my house for a change.

Secondly, I have finally got my own car, well sort of. I made the down payment and drove it off the lot, but there was something wrong with the engine so they needed to send it to the dealer to fix it. They gave me another car until my car is ready again. My actual car is pretty good. Gets great gas milage and has a huge trunk. There’s no fancy power locks or power windows, but that doesn’t really make a difference to me, just makes the car cheaper. It’s a 2008 KIA RIO and it runs really well.

Grim’s World Productions will also be shooting our first major short film next week. Everything has been prepared so everything will work out well.

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