The Storm has not calmed

The storm my life seems to be passing through has yet to die down. Just when I think I can take a breath something comes out of left field. Today I had to cash in a certificate or I wouldn’t see the money for another year. With bills to pay and loans to pay off, I need as much money as I can get right now.

I also went in for my first day of training at Kmart yesterday. My second day is tomorrow. I’ll be working as a part-time cashier. My college diploma at work. I decided to take this job as a way to keep myself afloat in the economy for right now, I’ll continue looking for what I want to do, but at least this way I can start paying things off and have a little extra cash coming in while I look.

The car has yet to come back. It was sent into the shop a little while ago due to a sensor problem. Apparently it should be back by today, but it might get back tomorrow instead. I really want my car back, I don’t like the one they gave me to drive in the meantime. It’s more expensive than my car, but I don’t like the layout of the controls, and the gas petal is placed in an odd way.

We were supposed to get some filming done today, but that fell through yesterday. The short we were planning to film has been pushed back once again, but we don’t know when we’ll be able to do it. That was a real frustration yesterday as everyone tried to get schedules to match, but a last minute thing blew all the plans out of the water.

In speaking of frustrations, my father has been really frustrating today. Any amount of time I could have had to do something today my father told me to run errands. He’s finally taking a nap meaning I finally have time to relax myself. I’ve done about two days of work and the day has only just begun for me.

The good news is that between errands I cobbled up enough time to work on the account. I made the account for myself, although I’ll probably be making one for GWP soon enough. I’m currently thinking if I should remain a hobbyist film maker on the site, or move up to a serious film maker. If GWP gets an account I’ll probably go for the serious film maker account.

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