It’s a movie times 2!

Well, after talking with several people I thought I should inform everyone that I will be working on two movies very soon. The first one, which I call first since it came up first, is for GWP. More on that movie on the GWP page. The second, is for a company a college friend is starting. I have very little info on this movie right now, but once I get some info on it I may make a page for it.

Now, the fun thing is both films are in the script writing process as I write this post. Which of course means that both films could possibly be going on at the same time. The second film is still up in the air, as I know little info at the moment. there’s going to be a meeting, which I will be attending, sometime in November for the film where various aspects of the film will be discussed. It may seem like I’m out of the loop a little, but my main contribution will be in post-production so it works out fine.

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