Short Story Challenge

So it turns out that I can’t get away from writing. I’ve recently been considering writing my novel again despite no luck with jobs. I’ve been starting to think I should get to work on it sometime next week. Well, today in the e-mail came an announcement about a short story challenge. it’ll cost me about $34 to register, but I think it might be worth a shot.

My specialty is actually short stories so this would be right up my alley. The rules are basically saying that they’ll pick the genre and subject, and I’ve got to write a decent story in about a week to win round #1. Round #2 I’ll have 24 hours.

Here’s a link to the contest below if anyone’s interested.

PS: While looking at some old posts I realized that this contest is one I blogged about before. I had missed the first round last year and planned to keep my eyes on it this year. Things have come full circle.

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