The title says it all. I was just chatting with someone at GWP and pretty much the official statement for GWP’s first film is that it’s now canceled. GWP just isn’t big enough to handle a feature film at the moment, after all we’re really only two people with some friends who help on occasion.

Instead we’ve decided to focus our energies once again on short films and the like and build ourselves up from there. Currently short films happen to be GWP’s specialty, mainly because we can’t get larger projects together. One of our most successful projects, which was also our biggest in a sense, almost didn’t happen. That was Jehovah’s Spectators. It was stuck in developmental hell for so long I thought it would never get out. However, things like Mr. Unfortunate seems to go really well for us so expect more of that.

On another note, I’ll be registering for NYC Midnight’s short story challenge later this week. I’ve started practicing writing shorts recently and will be ready when the contest begins. My future could very well begin there.

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