Grim’s World Productions

Hey folks. This page is going to be focused on Grim’s World Productions and my role with it. Grim’s World Production’s (GWP) is an independent film company based in Philadelphia focusing on horror and comedy.

UPDATE: We have now entered There’s A Zombie at My Door to the Terror Film Festival (TFF) and are now waiting to see if we get accepted.

Want to hear more about the film? Take a listen to an internet radio show called Transitions where I promoted the film.


3 Responses to “Grim’s World Productions”

  1. Veronica Kegel-Giglio Says:

    Dear Sirs:
    I won the 2nd place for best screenplay for THE VAMPIRE’S TOY at that film festival and would be honored if you would take a look at it! My screenplay is 41pages and is about an aspiring female writer who is led to a vampire encounter by her favorite doll. Please let me know if you are interested in taking a look at it and where I can send it. Keep up the good work. I hope to hear from you soon

    Veronica Kegel -Giglio –

  2. Veronica Kegel-Giglio Says:

    Thanks for sending me an invite to your BLOG! How exciting! Your professional courtsey is so appreciated. Please let me know if I can send you my award winning screenplay for your consideration. I was so impressed with your work, and I thoroughly enjoyed your production.
    I am a multi–published author with lots of promo contacts (Look for my works on—under Veronica Kegel-Coon or under Veronica Kegel_Giglio on SMASHWORDS

  3. Veronica Kegel-Giglio Says:

    Would love to discuss screenplay wriitng and film making with you and your partner at GRIMS WORLD PRODUCTIONS

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