This page will be devoted to things Requiem. I’ll be posting news and links about Requiem for you to look at. What is Requiem you ask? Why, it’s the new film I’m working on with a college buddy of mine. The idea actually comes from one of our projects for video class we worked on during college, and we plan to bring people from the original production back to fill the roles they had before.

Right now we’re entering the fund-raising phase of pre-production, so right now everything is an “if”. We plan to use the crowd-funding site Kickstarter in order to get our funding. We’ll get about three months to raise the money needed for the film. Needless to say we’ll be plugging the film everywhere we can.

UPDATE: We’re getting near the end of week one, and no funding has been received. I figured that was going to happen, so I’m not too surprised. I’ll start getting worried after the end of the first month.


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