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Need Funding

March 21, 2011

Requiem Beginnings is now in it’s fund-raising stage, so anyone who has cash to spare, go on over and donate some. There’s 85 days left to donate, so act fast. Also, you’ll qualify for great rewards just for donating!


Picking up at last

March 12, 2011

Well, there’s a whole lot of good news coming down the pipe today. Let’s get started:

GWP’s short film, There’s A Zombie at My Door, has been submitted to the Terror Film Festival (TFF). That’s GWP’s first real step in going from internet videos to making films. whether or not it’s accepted it still marks progress for GWP. We plan to make something this summer as well to keep the ball rolling.

Also, finally one of the many projects that have been started and dropped is getting ready for production. This time it’s one of my college friends who came through with a script and now we’re trying to raise money for the film “Requiem”. I’ll be starting a page for this film so look forward to it!

In other news, I’ve currently put my own film project on hold until after Requiem is finished. I have most of the script done , with just a few more scenes to go. I’m hoping that now that Requiem has entered it’s fund-raising phase I can get time to complete the script, bringing me one step closer to getting it made.

The Tale of Two Films

September 13, 2010

Okay, it’s update time folks! Well, right now I’m waiting to hear about the score for our film, There’s a Zombie At My Door, which we should have in our possession very soon. It’s the last piece of the puzzle if you will, and for the final edit to go forward we need it. After we get it we should have our film completed inside of a week, with a trailer another trailer announcing our release date. What? You mean you didn’t see the first trailer? Well, luckily for you I’ll post a link to it right here.

Secondly, I’m planning to take the ball and run with it. I’m currently doing a little market research and planning another film. I’ll probably do this one on my own, as in outside Grim’s World Productions, but may end up bringing GWP into the mix anyway. There’s no script yet, I’ll probably start on it next week. For now I’m basically looking at the market and seeing what would work.

I should also probably mention that despite the title of this post, there’s actually three films right now, although the third film is up in the air. The third film is a remake/prequel to a student film that me and a bunch of friends worked on for a college class. The film was actually suggested by one of my friends from the original project. The original was really our first shot at filmmaking and the friend was thinking about taking what we’ve learned since then to improve upon the idea and possibly make something professional. The friend had even started on a script for the idea. However, it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about it, and it’s been a while since the last update, so I don’t know where the film currently stands.

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully we should have the music for “There’s A Zombie At My Door” soon.

It’s a movie times 2!

October 5, 2009

Well, after talking with several people I thought I should inform everyone that I will be working on two movies very soon. The first one, which I call first since it came up first, is for GWP. More on that movie on the GWP page. The second, is for a company a college friend is starting. I have very little info on this movie right now, but once I get some info on it I may make a page for it.

Now, the fun thing is both films are in the script writing process as I write this post. Which of course means that both films could possibly be going on at the same time. The second film is still up in the air, as I know little info at the moment. there’s going to be a meeting, which I will be attending, sometime in November for the film where various aspects of the film will be discussed. It may seem like I’m out of the loop a little, but my main contribution will be in post-production so it works out fine.

Party and friends

June 8, 2009

I went to a party last Saturday and had a blast. Some of my college friends were there. I really missed those guys, it makes me actually want to go back for two more years just to hang with them. Hopefully we’ll be able to stick together, as some of them have plans of making their own production company. They’ll probably want me on board as an editor, which makes two production companies I’ll be involved with, along with being one of the founders of GWP.

We also joked that the ones still in college planned to stuff me in a suitcase and bring me back. They would then lock me in the edit bay and feed me crackers while I edited everything.

All joking aside I really hope to stay connected with this lot, mainly because their such great friends. The party could sadly be the last time we’re all together like that since the older ones have graduated and will be going their seperate ways soon.