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Blogging again

September 8, 2010

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. Things have been happening recently, I’ll give a quick bit here about stuff, but go to the actual pages for more info.

First off the main project I’ve been working on is a short film, There’s a Zombie at my Door. As you can tell it’s a zombie film, but I think the way we went with it is pretty interesting. This is of course a GWP film so I hope this turns out well.

Those who have read some other posts will note my luck with writing the novel. Well, I have once again hit a wall with the novel. Mainly because I’ve been working on that film above, and once this is done I hope to get back to it.

Hopefully I’ll post again next week.


Looking up

March 26, 2010

Things are starting to look up for me. First is the fact that after running around promising myself that I’ll start that book and then never getting to it, I’ve finally gotten around to it. I’ve written the prologue to the story and plan to start on the first chapter soon. Having a general idea of where I want to bring this thing is also good.

Also, GWP is back up and running. Production on new videos starts next week. More over there. We also received some very good news recently, but I will not post anything until it becomes official.

GWP Meeting

February 27, 2010

Just had a GWP meeting today to discuss several things, more on that on the respective pages. However, I have come to the conclusion that Chez plans to take control of GWP and make everything about himself.

Also, I’ve decided to hold on publishing for a while. I plan to push all that aside and focus on writing my novel for now. That way I’ll at least have something to work with when contacting publishers.

Picking Up

November 17, 2009

Well, it looks like things are going to be picking up around here once again. GWP had it’s meeting yesterday and several things were planned, more on that on the GWP page. I’ve also planned on a few things myself.

The first thing I’m planning on is to start planning out my novel. I may not put the figurative pen to paper yet, but I need to get some of my ideas straight. Some characters need fleshing out, and some characters’ very existence is up in the air. I also need to think up the style of storytelling I’ll be using.

The second thing I have planned is a little project for my youtube account. I have an account, but I really don’t use it often. I got to thinking the other day about the old silent films and how one would have to read the dialouge. In some that could mean spending a fair amount of time reading. I’m thinking about taking some of those silent films, that are in the public domain, and editing out the text and dubbing the dialouge into the films. In a way I’ll be breathing new life into these old films and updating them for the 21st century. I plan to start with Nosferatu and seeing how youtube reacts to the idea.

Well that all for now folks, I’ll be updating later about some of these decisions.

Movies and Novels

August 9, 2009

It’s been an interesting week, with several ups and downs. However, it seems as if things are starting to go the right way for me finally. As the title suggests, this post will be talking about a movie idea one of my friends have had, and a novel idea that I just came up with.

Before we get into the major two topics of today’s post, I would like to say that it seems my brain has finally gotten back into creative mode. After about a year of  virtual writer’s block of sorts, ideas are starting to form again. This is exciting because it is now August, and I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo this November.

So first I’ll talk about the movie. Right now there isn’t even  script yet for it, mainly because the idea is still getting off the ground. The general idea is firmly in someone’s mind, so the script should be coming about soon. My part in the project is the editor. Once the movie gets a title and some steam behind it I’ll make a page for it. Otherwise you can check up on its progress here: MyProducer page.

Now, my novel idea actually started forming in my head sometime last night. I was working as a cashier when I began thinking about it and realized that I could write a comedy about someone being a cashier. Several other points were thought up as the night continued, and now I think I have a decent idea to write about. I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks planning out the various characters, and then I’ll start writing it. Once again, once the project gets underway I’ll make a page about it.

That’s it for now, hopefully I should get those two new pages up soon.

Novel on Hiatus

January 30, 2009

So I was working on a novel during the month of November, it was a fantasy/adventure novel. However a student film I was also working on at the time hit some snags during filming, meaning that I had to put my novel on hiatus for a while. The film was finished a while ago, but now I can’t seem to bring myself back to my novel. I was making pretty good headway on it too. Right now it’s still on hiatus until something inspires me to get back to work, because I probably won’t get back to it unless something happens.