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It’s been a while

February 6, 2010

It’s been a while. A lot has happened since my last post. First off, GWP has gone into a slump for a while, but things will be picking back up soon. It seems like the the other guy running it has finally gotten the same ambition that’s clung onto me, so I think things should start going where I’ve wanted them to go for a while.

In other news, I participated in the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. I won’t find out if I moved onto round two until March 4th. The second round takes place on March 13th.

I’ve also been looking at publishers recently, and I think I found a publisher that I;ll stick with. I’m planning to publish a book of poetry before I work on my novel as a way to get money to put towards publishing the novel. It costs less to publish a poetry book than a novel so with the right amount of sales I could get enough to publish the novel.



March 4, 2009

I’ve been incredibly busy as of late. The Examiner job means that an hour each day is spent on something Examiner related, such as getting the word out about myself. I’ve also been busy with filming for GW. The Chez show just had another episode and I’m going to be filming another episode of True Horror Review today as well. After that I need to find time to write another short story that’s been in my head for a while. Then finally I have history class. A really busy life right now.

Officialy an Examiner

February 23, 2009

I am now officially an Examiner! After some paper work I’m getting my account on and will be writing my first article on Independent films. I already have a topic for my first article as well. When I get my account and write my article I’ll post a link so you can read my stories, but I won’t be making a page about it.


February 18, 2009

I haven’t been updating recently due to the mounds of work I just had. I just found out that there’s a script writing competition, but there’s a fee to participate. And let’s face it, I’m poor as it is. However, I was just recently contacted by a job I just applied to, and they said that there will probably be an interview! The job is pretty much being a field representative for a company looking for prospective actors/actresses, musicians, and models. If I get the job I’ll be talking with these people as well as with some big names as well, apparently. The best thing is it will be a great way to make contacts in the industry! I’m really excited now!

Novel on Hiatus

January 30, 2009

So I was working on a novel during the month of November, it was a fantasy/adventure novel. However a student film I was also working on at the time hit some snags during filming, meaning that I had to put my novel on hiatus for a while. The film was finished a while ago, but now I can’t seem to bring myself back to my novel. I was making pretty good headway on it too. Right now it’s still on hiatus until something inspires me to get back to work, because I probably won’t get back to it unless something happens.

Hello world!

January 29, 2009

Well here I am on WordPress. My name is Patrick McGowan and I’m an aspiring film maker and writer. I’ll probably be blogging on various aspects of either films I’m making our anything I’m writing. Expect some creative blogs from me down the line.